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Reassuring numbers from reliable Relx

24/10/2019 · Relx (RELX) 

Financial Results FTSE 100 UK

Relx logo on board in headquarters

Reliable Relx is in our portfolio because it ticks all the boxes: decent growth, strong cash flow, impressive return on investment. Relx goes above and beyond these requirements and only faces a small number of challenges to its continued growth. This is the ultimate guide to news updates from the media giant. 

Relx (LON: REL) continues to make steady, if unspectacular progress. Another quarter of 4% revenue growth is certainly nothing to scorn for a company of this size, but whether it is enough to justify a 20 times price to forecast earnings ratio is another question. Investors seem unsure of the answer. The share price has fallen roughly £2 from its post-summer peak of £20 per share.

Still, there is nothing bad to say about third quarter numbers from the education and data giant. The science business continues to tick slowly northwards, while the exhibitions and data solutions businesses were the stars of…

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