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Tristel delivers impressive financial results

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Overseas sales growth at 26% helped Tristel - one of our 'Ulltimate Stocks' deliver another record breaking year in fiscal 2019. Pre-tax profits rose 19% to £5.6m off revenues of £26.2m. 

Considering  Tristel (LON: TSTL) saturated its domestic market almost a decade ago, it is consistently capable of delivering extraordinary growth. Revenues have risen at a compound annual rate of 14% in the last ten years. Pre-tax profit margins have remained robust at a little over 20%.

In the year to June 2019 overseas sales were once again the driver of a double-digit revenue increase, although UK sales also rose 9% - a better performance than recent years. Non-UK sales now contribute 55% of the group total, compared to just 5% in 2008 when the company launched its international…

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