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“Never invest in any company that makes anything out of metal” and other pearls of investing wisdom!

26/05/2017 · ASOS · Fevertree Drinks PLC

The good and the great of the investment management world gathered this week for the London Value Investor Conference. This is a superb gathering of top fund managers who happily impart much investing wisdom to attendees, many of whom are…

AIM shares to save Inheritance Tax

Our Premium Company Research provides in-depth research on AIM quoted companies that are of interest to those investing for the purposes of potential IHT mitigation.

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Company Comment

Atlantis: placing to support growing global activities

26/05/2017 · Atlantis Resources Ltd
Company Comment

Sanderson Group: results in-line, cash still flowing and the dividend up 10%

24/05/2017 · Sanderson Group PLC

First EBITDA now ‘Underlying Adjusted EBITDA’ - are you getting fed up with adjustments?


Search for AIM companies qualifying for relief from Inheritance Tax!

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Getting worried about all the insider selling on AIM?

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A profitable lettings agency with the added spice of a hybrid estate agency - looks decent value!


This Cambridge investor event has a big reputation and is not to be missed!


Great results drive the shares to new highs - more to go for?

16/05/2017 · Zytronic

Check out these wonderful companies - news this week suggests the future is bright

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An exciting contrarian play in the recruitment sector-the 7% dividend yield encourages!

Premium Company Research

Stunning results from this rapidly growing music and audio products group highlights the appeal


April sees AIM surge again with some terrific new arrivals  


Stunning results from this rapidly growing music and audio products group highlights the appeal

This global music and audio products group is a technology star, supplying quality products to both professional and amateur musicians.…

April sees AIM surge again with some terrific new arrivals  

April 2017 saw AIM welcome several high growth new arrivals with the market value creeping ever closer to the £100bn…

Main Market flotation of PRS REIT will be a transformational event for Sigma

05/05/2017 · Sigma Capital Group PLC

The Private Rented Sector (“PRS”) and urban regeneration specialist issued results for the year ending 31 December 2016 and news…

Sanderson: Double digit revenue growth is all organic – terrific stuff!

04/05/2017 · Sanderson Group PLC

The software and IT services business specialising in digital retail technology and enterprise software has issued a positive trading update…

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Just wanted to pass on my thanks for your value-adding blogs. In particular it was through your blog that I first became aware of Van Elle Holdings and prompted me to have a good look at them.
Excellent analysis of one of many AIM abuses, well done!
Nicely written!
Keep it coming guys
Many thanks for a really honest bit of research!! I agree it is hard to see the attraction and with the flak the chairman has been getting for abusing his "royal" position I'll definitely give this one a miss.