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Companies make huge amounts of money for their shareholders. Take Jeff Bezos, for example, he didn’t become the world’s richest man because he founded Amazon, but because he owns 16% of it.

Amazon – which is currently worth $800bn – is perhaps a stand-out example, but it is certainly not the only company which has made its owners (shareholders) wealthy. All over the world, companies are generating incredible returns for the investors who have bet on their success.

But understanding and accessing those returns is another matter.

Our History

Investor’s Champion started life in 2006, providing research on small quoted companies. Back then, we were confused why the UK’s investors seemed fixated on large, slow growing companies and anonymous funds when there were a host of exciting smaller companies which provided faster growth and tax benefits.

We set up Investor’s Champion to introduce readers to those lesser known, smaller quoted companies. Since then, the website’s regular blogs and research have uncovered some outstanding small company success stories (and helped its readers avoid some disasters).

And over the last decade or so, we have come to realise that it is those stories that make people passionate about investment. Funds, bonds and currency might provide some attractive figures, but it’s the stories offered by companies that hook investors and keep them coming back for more.

Our aim is to provide a platform which gives more people access to the market-beating returns offered by some of the world’s best companies.

The website is now full of information for all investors; from the total beginner seeking a definition for the term ‘revenue’, to the seasoned shareholder hunting for tips on specific companies. We’ve expanded away from our small company roots (although we still have a soft spot for them) to include research on all companies, reaching across the globe. 

Our Portfolio 

We've created a model portfolio which we think will help make it easier for new investors to gain the benefits of direct investment in the stock market. The Investor’s Champion Portfolio has not been built on the premise that it is best to own what you know. Rather, it is best to own what you use. Or perhaps, what most people around the world (our portfolio is strictly not limited to the UK) use, most often to get from day to day.

Our basket contains 20 companies which are popular with their consumers and in high demand. We’re on the hunt for quality and real cash growth (no aggressive acquisition policies, thank you) which can provide excellent returns for shareholders. We’re willing to pay up for that quality, although we accept that in some cases, companies may be a bit richly valued. If that’s the case, we’ll stick them on our watch list and wait for the price to be right.

Investor’s Champion portfolio checklist:

  • Quality: Generating a return on capital employed of more than 20%
  • Cash Generative: Consistently capable of turning profits into cash
  • Growing: Revenues and profits are rising without the help of acquisitions

Every quarter, we’ll provide an overview of the portfolio’s performance, including any changes we have made to its structure. We’ll also offer in-depth analysis of the 20 companies which make up the portfolio and keep you updated on any news items which might impact their performance.

For now, this portfolio is theoretical, although you can buy all the individual stocks via our associates at Fundamental Asset. We will always disclose which stocks we own.