Investor’s Champion provides expert research on smaller quoted companies.

We started issuing research in 2006 in the belief that investors could benefit from more regular objective comment on smaller quoted companies. Over the years our research has uncovered some outstanding small cap success stories, particularly from AIM, the London Stock Exchange’s international market for smaller growing companies.

Our objective commentaries pull no punches, drawing attention to key areas of importance. Our reputation has been established by straight reporting on the good, the bad and sometimes the downright ugly.

You will find our research and Blogs easy-to-read, informed and an invaluable aid to investment decision-making. We don’t push you to ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ a particular share, we merely draw attention to the key issues in respect of each stock, helping you make an informed decision.

AIM shares to avoid Inheritance Tax

Our Premium Company Research provides in-depth research on small caps and AIM quoted companies, particularly AIM companies of interest for the purpose of potential Inheritance Tax (‘IHT’) mitigation.
Investing in shares of qualifying AIM companies can help obtain 100% relief from IHT in the UK, if held for two years and still held at death. The two year, qualifying period is compelling for elderly investors with sizeable equity portfolios, notably accumulated in ISAs.

More importantly, over the past decade investment in IHT qualifying AIM quoted companies has delivered exceptional investment returns as well as being a very attractive tax-planning tool.

Read our Premium Company Research or latest blog posts.

We are the AIM specialists and our linked AIMsearch site provides a unique search tool to identify AIM companies, an investment in which may qualify for relief from Inheritance Tax.

For companies

At a time when many brokers have stopped issuing research altogether on smaller quoted companies, Investor’s Champion aims to ensure that small caps remain on the radar screens of potential investors.