How to make your money go further


Investor’s Champion aims to help people make their money go further.

It has been said that a £10,000 stock market investment made on behalf of your child on the day of their birth, will make them a multi-millionaire by the time they retire. The longer you invest for, the more you’ll get out of that investment.  

That idea displaces the common myth that investment is just for older people who have already accumulated great wealth. The value of compounding means that investment will have a far greater impact the sooner you put your money away. 

It can be scary. First time investors are faced with a vast array of questions – are stocks or funds better? What bank account should I use? How much should I put away? Is a 0.5% fee too expensive? And that’s before you even get to the jargon – ETFs, CAGR, annuity and hedge funds aren’t the kind of language you were taught at school. 

But everyone should have access to the enormous returns that are provided by the stock market and the sooner you invest, the longer you have to make money (and the more risk you can afford to take). We’re here to cut through the jargon and provide informative personal finance and investment ideas for everyone.

They say that money makes money. As long as you have a bit, we can help you make it go further. 

Our History

We started issuing research in 2006 in the belief that investors could benefit from more regular objective comment on smaller quoted companies. Over the years our research has uncovered some outstanding small cap success stories, particularly from AIM, the London Stock Exchange’s international market for smaller growing companies.

Investing in shares of qualifying AIM companies can help obtain 100% relief from Inheritance Tax (IHT) in the UK, if held for two years and still held at death. The two year, qualifying period is compelling for elderly investors with sizeable equity portfolios, notably accumulated in ISAs. Over the last decade we have been providing in-depth research on AIM shares to avoid Inheritance Tax.

We’ve also developed AIMsearch – a unique search tool to identify AIM companies, an investment in which may qualify for relief from Inheritance Tax.

At a time when many brokers have stopped issuing research altogether on smaller quoted companies, Investor’s Champion has always aimed to ensure that small caps remain on the radar screens of potential investors. 

Now, as we expand our coverage, we’re adding more personal finance and larger company commentary to our site to help everyone make their money go a bit further.