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Eight revolutionary energy storage technologies

17/09/2021 · AMTE Power (AMTE)  · Bushveld Minerals Ltd (BMN)  · Invinity Energy Systems (IES)  · QuantumScape (QS)  · Smart Metering Systems (SMS)  · Tesla (TSLA)  · Volkswagen (VOW3) 
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We look at eight energy storage or efficiency technologies which could change the world and ask, how do you invest?

To say energy storage is going to be important is one massive understatement. While renewables are getting cheaper, as everyone who hasn’t been living on Mars knows, solar isn’t much good when it’s dark and wind power isn’t terribly effective without any wind. Before going any further, it’s worth pointing out that the latest solar photovoltaic technologies don’t need sunshine, they just require light. So, yes, solar is more effective in places where you get clear blue skies all the time, but it can also be cost-effective in places where it is often cloudy. It’s also worth pointing out that…

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