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January 2019: it’s proving tough for AIM to attract any newcomers


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AIM hot air balloon flying through the city of London
January 2019 was the first month in our memory that no newcomers joined AIM. Our latest blog comments on the fragile state of London’s growth market.

At the end of January 2019 there were 919 companies on AIM, with the total market value of £96.89bn. This compares with 923 companies at the end of December 2018 when AIM’s market value was £91.2bn. There were no new arrivals and 4 departures in January.

Remember to use our AIMsearch tool from the link here to check on the Inheritance Tax qualifying status of all AIM companies. There have been several status changes over the past few weeks.

Even in the depths of the financial crisis in January 2009 AIM welcomed one new company, so January 2019 represents a new low. That said, the AIM Allshare index performed strongly in the period, rising just over 7%.

Shareholders and management teams of smaller companies seeking an exit or expansion capital to grow have other options open to them, notably from private equity, despite the harsh terms they often seem to impose. Management teams are also wary of the increased scrutiny that…

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