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Mm very Pinteresting!

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Students get a bad rap when it comes to money. But every year, half a million of us manage the cruel plunge into the deep end of economic independence and the infinity pool of student debt, and how? Because the student is no ordinary economist. Read on for a student’s take on latest social media company to join the public stock market – Pinterest

According Ben Silbermann there are two types of people in the world: the Pinners and losers. The former is a reference to those who use Pinterest, the online scrapbook company which he founded in 2010 and recently gained a stock market valuation of $16bn. ‘Pinners’ use the platform to share photos, drawings and ideas, while brands pay to advertise their products to the sites 250m active users.

Before Pinterest the word infographic was only used by those with trendy beards, who live in Camden and understand modern coffee menus. Now a mesmerising new landscape of pictorial inspiration has been made accessible to all.

Whether you’re planning a seaside wedding or writing your next design coursework on draining boards, the inspiration is out there. The site covers a vast range of topics from lesson plans to architecture; the most popular tending to be recipes and diet plans. With the only obstacle to an endless supply of creative content being free registration, it’s…

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