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Ride hailing – the S-Uber-b way

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Students get a bad rap when it comes to money. But every year, half a million of us manage the cruel plunge into the deep end of economic independence and the infinity pool of student debt, and how? Because the student is no ordinary economist. Read on for a student’s take on the world’s first (and biggest) taxi hailing company, Uber.

All hail the e-hail! The rise of transport network company, Uber, means city transport is easier than ever.

Gone are the days of hopelessly flailing your arms at hearse like vehicles, whilst it chucks it down with rain. No longer must we experience Colin-Firth-in-Love-Actually-like frustration, as British etiquette dictates we offer the next available taxi to a smug old lady with unspoken pensioner rights. Now one magical app allows you to order transport from a comfortable armchair, cup of tea in hand, whilst tracking the location of Gareth, who will pick you up in a blue Chevrolet (armchair and tea must be bought separately). When the app alerts you to Gareth’s arrival, you can jump straight into his car (avoiding queues and Storm Gareth). After a hearty chat with driver Gareth, you hop out at your destination without a care in the world, because your fare is automatically calculated and charged by the app. A quick check of the bank balance…

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