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University is a Yo-yo Market

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For many of us, leaving school will be the first time we are faced with financial choices. Ranging from “should I have one more beer?” to “do I take out a student loan?”, the decisions we make may impact our lives for years to come. The Student Economist is a blog for those with a budget and a desire to make it go further. After all, it’s never too early to start thinking about money.

Few other markets create greater stress for their investors than university. As the source of immense fluctuation in expenditure, a student’s economic forecast can transition abruptly. Financial stability, especially in the first few years, is nearly impossible to come by.

One of university’s extreme contradictions in expenditure occurs during and after the exam season. After a student has realised that their exam results are likely to suffer as a result of many hours spent looking at golden retriever puppies on the internet and finding out which Hogwarts house they belong to, they evolve into a new breed of student: the hermit.

During the revision season, the hermit will attempt to cram 12 weeks’ worth of work into three. Their purchases will therefore be reduced to red bull and coffee which they believe will help them spend 24 hours a day in the library (in-fact, studies have shown excessive ‘all-nighters’ increase tiredness, sleep and time spent not working). During revision season the…

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