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A whopping 10% Dividend yield for your ISA!

31/03/2017 · NAHL Group PLC (NAHL) 

A whopping 10% Dividend yield for your ISA!
Shares in this high yielding consumer marketing business have fallen dramatically. However, the cash flow is still excellent and forecast dividend yield of over 10% offers plenty of comfort. A nice one for the ISA! (IHT QUALIFYING)

NAHL Group plc (AIM:NAHL) is a leading UK consumer marketing business focused on the legal services market.

The Group comprises three divisions:

Personal Injury (National Accident Helpline),

Critical Care (Bush & Company) and

Conveyancing (Fitzalan Partners).

The Group’s customer base is primarily the legal profession.

The current market capitalisation is £74m at 164p.

- Arrival on AIM

NAHL was admitted to AIM in May 2014 at a share price of 200p with selling shareholders receiving £32.7m. Selling shareholders were primarily private equity firms, Inflexion and Lloyds Development Capital (‘LDC’) with senior management also smaller sellers.

When it arrived on AIM NAHL only operated through its National Accident Helpline business. This was founded in 1993 by regional law firm Toller Hales and Collcutt LLP (‘Tollers’), in order to assist accident victims in seeking compensation and redress for injuries suffered. The Group’s first UK-wide commercial TV adverts were…

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