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Why quality is worth paying for

07/11/2019 · Amazon (AMZN)  · plc (BOO)  · Sosandar PLC (SOS)  · Zoo Digital (ZOO) 

AIM Inheritance Tax Podcasts UK US

We have written before about the plethora of AIM companies which capture ludicrous valuations from over-exuberant shareholders who push up the price without much evidence of long-term growth. In this podcast we'll discuss why we think the market has bred this wave of bonkers valuations and why it is worse in the US. 

But enough of the negativity. We'll also discuss the companies which justify a lofty rating, why quality is worth paying up for and which companies in the US and UK fit the bill. 

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We have written before about the plethora of AIM companies which capture ludicrous valuations from over-exuberant…

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