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Intuit investor day helps justify valuation

07/10/2019 · Intuit (INTU) 

Financial Results US

Computer software shown on a screen

Reliable software specialist Intuit has successfully shifted from a lumpy licensing revenue model to a smooth subscription revenue model. This has made the sales of its office software even more reliable. Here is the ultimate guide to news updates from Intuit.

With shares trading on 35 times 2020 forecast earnings, investors are right to expect a lot from US software group  Intuit (US: INTU). Fortunately, it is delivering on those expectations. At a recent investor day, management reiterated its guidance for the year to July 2020 of 10-11% revenue growth and 11-13% EPS growth.

Excellent customer retention is key to the company’s impressive performance and in the 2019 financial year, retention was just under…

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