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Nestle vs Unilever: which is the better consumer giant?

Nestle's pink KitKat four-finger chocolate bar made with ruby cocoa beans

Nestle is in our portfolio because it is a quality company, in the middle of a turnaround which should see its sales rise quickly. But how does that compare to its closest European peer, Unilever? We've crunched the numbers to find out.

Consumer goods giants Nestle (CH: NESN) and Unilever (LON: ULVR) have both reported top line numbers for the nine months to September 2019. Here’s how they stack up:

Nestle Unilever
Total Revenue CHF68.4bn (£53.8bn) €39.3bn (£34.0bn)
Reported Growth 2.9% 5.8%
Organic Growth…

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