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How to Beat Inheritance Tax with AIM shares

This simple FREE report explains how investing in well-established, profitable, cash generative AIM companies can help you avoid inheritance tax…..and substantially increase your wealth.

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  • AIM is the London Stock Exchange’s international market for smaller growing companies and probably the most successful growth market in the world.
  • AIM shares have the potential for stupendous investment returns as well as 100% relief from future Inheritance Tax - your ISA can also hold AIM shares.
  • Investing in AIM companies for Inheritance Tax planning purposes has delivered excellent investment returns over the past 10 years*.
  • Our FREE report explains how to identify which AIM companies qualify for Inheritance Tax planning purposes and what to consider when building an AIM for Inheritance Tax portfolio.
  • Investor’s Champion has extensive experience researching AIM companies for Inheritance Tax purposes.

This free report is not advice, it simply explains about a simple way of saving Inheritance Tax with Aim.

* Source Intelligent Partnership report


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