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Mega Trends Portfolio

Major new trends will create and shape the corporate giants of the future. Tapping into those trends early can ensure investors benefit from the growth.

We have created a portfolio of global companies which look set to benefit from the trends which are shaping our future. The growth potential is seismic.

Here’s why

Failing to mould to the trends of the future is a constant danger for companies. High street stalwarts which have disappeared after failing to update their business models for the digital age are prime examples of that. But new trends are not always destructive. Companies which are prepared for the demands of future consumers could prove very lucrative investments.

Our ‘Mega-trends’ portfolio focuses on the big themes which look set to change our lives in the medium to long term:

  • Environmental consciousness driving changes in consumer behaviour
  • Use of robotics and artificial intelligence
  • Proliferation of digital wallets and bitcoin
  • Next generation healthcare
  • Improvement of electric and autonomous vehicles

We have then picked stocks which look set to benefit from those trends. But, the days of buying any tech company with AI or blockchain in the name are now largely behind us, investors need to think clearly about the long term opportunities. That includes picking companies which have strong financial fundamentals and a clear competitive advantage over peers.

Our 20 stocks are at the cutting edge of novel industries. Their potential for growth is meteoric.  Read our in-depth analysis on the companies in our portfolio here.

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