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Currency cards: another tech venture for UK stock markets to shun

11/02/2019 · Alpha FX Group PLC (AFX)  · Fairfx Group PLC (FFX)  · H&T Group (HAT)  · Ramsdens Holdings PLC (RFX) 

Foreign Exchange Shares

WeSwap currency card on a table with Indian Rupee notes
Revolut, WeSwap and Monzo have all enjoyed huge success on crowdfunding websites, but the public markets are characteristically wary

John Nichols once told me that pawn brokers are the best place to go for holiday cash. Granted, he’s the chief executive of H&T Group (HAT), the UK’s biggest pawn brokerage, but he had a point – the rates offered at his stores on most foreign currencies are far better than what you’ll find at other high street providers including the Post Office or Tesco Bank.

But in the five years since Mr Nichols gave me…

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