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Duke Royalty: shares boost, but loads of red flags for us

12/11/2020 · Duke Royalty Ltd (DUKE) 


Red flags

This royalty financing group now  has considerable equity exposure to numerous companies of questionable worth and that’s even before one factors in the considerable impact of the pandemic. There are far too many red flags for us!

Duke Royalty (LON: DUKE), the finance provider adopting a royalty lending model, issued what at first glance appeared to be an encouraging update for its 3rd quarter ending 31 December, with the reinstatement of a 0.5p quarterly dividend. However, delve deeper and it appears far from rosy.

Cash revenue for the period, being cash distributions from its Royalty Partners and cash gains from sales of equity assets, is anticipated to increase to £2.5m, compared to £2.0m…

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