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Is Burger King using veganism as a marketing tool?


ESG Food and Drink US

Burger King's new Impossible vegan burger
Fast-food giant, Burger King has developed a meat free burger with Impossible Foods. The vegan burger is being trialled in St Louis but is expected to go nationwide soon.

1 April 2019: Burger King debuts its vegan burger in St Louis.

2 April 2019: Burger King continues to sell its vegan burger and the world realises that company isn’t playing an April Fools prank – meat-free Whoppers are here to stay.

The ‘Impossible Whopper’ is the plant-based version of Burger King’s beloved beef burger. It has been developed with the help of Impossible Foods, a US food company whose goal is to “make meat better” through science. It has been described as “Whopper's twin” and contains 17g of protein, zero cholesterol and has a significantly lower carbon footprint than…

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