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LoopUp (AIM:LOOP) - bonkers valuation of the week?

23/01/2018 · dotDigital Group PLC (DOTD)  · LoopUp Group PLC (LOOP) 

LoopUp (AIM:LOOP) - bonkers valuation of the week?
The remote meetings company has seen its share price soar since arriving on AIM in August 2016 at 100p. The latest trading update highlights a terrific past few months, but the valuation still looks totally bonkers to us, as we highlight in our Blog here 

LoopUp provides software for conference calls and online meetings. The Group’s official description of its activities is as follows:

LoopUp (LSE AIM: LOOP) is a premium remote meetings solution. Streamlined and intuitive, LoopUp is built for business users and delivers the quality, security and reliability required in the enterprise. One-click screen sharing and integration with tools business people use every day, like Outlook™, make it easy for LoopUp users to collaborate in real time.…

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