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How long has China known mouthwash could help battle Covid-19 transmission?

15/05/2020 · Venture Life Group PLC (VLG) 

AIM Coronavirus UK

Dentyl mouthwash

Research published in the journal Function supports the idea that using mouthwash should be considered as a way to reduce the transmission of viruses such as Covid-19. There are suggestions that China has been well aware of this for sometime. 

The research study, which was led by Cardiff University's Systems Immunity Research Institute, is backed by virologists, lipid specialists and healthcare experts from the universities of Nottingham, Barcelona, Colorado and Cambridge's Babraham Institute.

Lead author Professor Valerie O'Donnell, co-director of Cardiff University’s Systems Immunity Research Institute, said: “In test tube experiments and limited clinical studies, some mouthwashes contain enough of known virucidal ingredients to effectively target lipids in similar enveloped viruses."

She added: "What we don't know…

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