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NAHL Group (AIM:NAHL) ambulance chasers or consumer marketing, take your pick, the results are good

23/09/2015 · NAHL Group PLC (NAHL) 

NAHL Group, which refers to itself as a consumer marketing company but is really in the vanguard of personal injury claims, issued excellent interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2015. This business’s activities may not be to everyone’s liking but the numbers suggest they are very good at what they do and it’s quite a decent investment offering. The shares have also done very nicely since arriving on AIM in May 2014 at 200p.

The Group’s 2 key brands are National Accident Helpline (‘NAH’) and Fitzalan Partners.

NAH’s core business model is based on generating direct response contacts from consumers who have had a non-fault accident, establishing whether they may have a claim and connecting them to a specialist solicitor. NAH attracts around 240,000 consumer contacts per annum with the strategy to focus on higher value cases such as medical negligence and non-road traffic accident cases. In simple terms…

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