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NAHL Group (AIM:NAHL) ambulance chasing attributes are highlighted in sharp sell-off

26/11/2015 · NAHL Group PLC (NAHL) 

The share prices of several firms involved in personal injury claims slumped today on news the UK government plans to limit the number of personal injury claims, following announcements by the Chancellor in his Autumn Statement. The move highlighted the danger of investing in companies whose business may be built on providing a product or service of somewhat questionable morals, which seems to apply to the personal injury claims market. So what can we learn?

Hardest hit following the news was Slater & Gordon, the Australian listed law firm which acquired the professional services arm of the controversial Quindell this year, whose shares plunged more than 50%.

Less well known NAHL Group, who we commented on back in September 2015 (“NAHL Group - ambulance chasers or consumer marketing, take your pick, the results are good “) saw its shares plunge 24%.

NAHL Group, refers to itself as a consumer marketing company but is really in the vanguard of personal injury claims, as demonstrated by the brutal sell-off…

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