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“Sometimes it is better to do nothing”

“Sometimes it is better to do nothing”
On three separate occasions this week I have heard that advice given to investors unsure how deal with current market turbulence.

It’s certainly easier said than done. Unless you parked your money in the stock market and proceeded to live as a hermit in the far north of Canada, you’re unlikely to have missed the news that global markets are currently in the midst of a storm. The more likely scenario is that, although you know you shouldn’t, you will have watched the red lights of a market in decline blinking every day since October. Sitting tight while you watch several years of savings devoured in a few short months is a difficult thing to do.

But “doing nothing” is guidance which certainly carries weight. Panic sellers on the 24 June following the results of the EU referendum will have missed out on a 25% increase in the value of the FTSE 100 over the following two years, while those who sold when the global markets were nearing their trough in late 2008 and bought again once they were already…

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