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The Genius of Guinness

09/04/2019 · Diageo PLC (DGE) 

FTSE 100 Student Economist UK

Two pints of Guinness on a bar

Students get a bad rap when it comes to money. But every year, half a million of us manage the cruel plunge into the deep end of economic independence and the infinity pool of student debt, and how? Because the student is no ordinary economist. Read on for a student’s take on Diageo’s famous Irish stout – Guinness. 

They say a pint of Guinness never tastes better than in Dublin. Specifically, at the end of the tour of St James’s Gate Brewery in The Gravity Bar, which boasts a spectacular 360 degree view of Ireland’s cheerful capital city. It is in this building that the brand started its epic journey; from the humble beginnings of renting an unused brewery at £45 a year, to becoming the world-wide name it is today. So why is it so popular?

The pint itself is iconic. There is a unique pouring style that turns Guinness from a drink into an event. Rumour has it that the Irish are born knowing that it is best to fill three quarters of the way, allow the surge to settle, then fill to the top. Even the glass is unique and carefully designed to settle 300,000 nitrogen bubbles and ensure the quality of your experience. When it comes to flavour, a pint of Guinness seems to magically change as…

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