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Brexit is bad for business, is a delay worse?

EU and UK flag overlapping
  • The EU has agreed to another short extension to the Brexit deadline meaning MPs now have until 31 October to come up with an acceptable deal
  • The delay is meant to help protect business and the economy from a no deal Brexit
  • Companies in many sectors are being badly impacted by the repeated delays, which could end up costing more than a no deal Brexit

March 29, April 12, October 31 is, in law, the date the UK will leave the EU. Clearly, when it comes to Brexit, laws can be broken.

Theresa May has negotiated an extension to the Brexit deadline after a summit with EU leaders in Brussels. Under the terms new ‘flexible deadline’, the only way Britain will leave the bloc before the summer is if parliament manages to agree a deal before the European elections in May. If not, the country must put forward candidates for the EU council or it will be forced out of the organisation without a deal…

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