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Up more 12,000% in a year, but is it really still good value?

02/11/2020 · Novacyt SA (NCYT) 

Coronavirus microscopic image

This Covid-19 testing specialist has been a major winner from the pandemic. With the shares up over 12,000% in the past 12 months, can they really still be considered good value, as some contend? Our research into the phenomena that is Novacyt reflects on the facts, opportunities and risks.

Novacyt SA (LON:NCTR, PAR:ALNOV) is an international diagnostics group involved in the sale of diagnostic and pathogen testing kits based on molecular and protein testing technologies. We have followed the stock with interest in our regular Coronavirus updates, since February 2020 when we commented on Novacyt’s big break.

While its main activities are principally based in the UK, the holding company is incorporated in France and ‘listed’ on AIM and Euronext Growth Paris stock markets. For…

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