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Reviewing the robo-advisors

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At the Investor’s Champion, our goal is to get more people excited about direct equity investment – buying shares in truly great companies is, in our opinion, the best way of making your money go further. That’s why we have launched the Investor’s Champion Portfolio, to introduce new and current investors to some of the world’s best companies. But we also appreciate that direct equity investment is not an option for everyone, which is why we have reviewed one of the hottest trends in finance: robo-advisors.

Many brilliant financiers have attempted to prize the investment management industry away from its elitist image. Few have been as successful as Jack Bogle, who launched Vanguard in 1975 which introduced the world to passive funds and, in doing so, revolutionised the investment management industry.

But there remains a big hurdle in the quest to open up investment: you only know that passive investment is a good path to financial growth if you know what passive investment actually is, for that you need an expert who can cut through the jargon and experts are expensive. And so we come back to the problem: investment is elitist.

Alternatively, you can use our free jargon buster for complicated investment definitions.

‘Robo-advisors’ are attempting to fill the gap between hands-off passive investing and traditional wealth management. These online investment platforms create portfolios based on their clients’ financial requirements which they obtain via a digital questionnaire. It’s a concept which was started in the US…

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