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Tech giant PayPal is still accelerating

Person using the PayPal app on a phone
PayPal was spun out of eBay in 2014 which has helped it get back into ‘acceleration mode’. Cutting its ties with the online marketplace has helped encourage new companies to sign up to its site which has led to an increase in both the number of customers and the amount they use the site. There aren’t many big companies which are still accelerating at this pace. Read on to find out why we think there could be a great deal more to come.

I am running the Edinburgh marathon in May and the organisers are worryingly good at reminding me how long is left before the big day. The recent “twelve weeks to go” email was particularly frightening and kicked me into gear with my preparations. I bought some new trainers from Nike, blister plasters from Boots and a training top from JD Sports. I booked a hotel room in Edinburgh and reserved my seat on a train from London. And then I ordered a Domino’s Pizza to celebrate the fact that I had made so much progress in my marathon preparation. Not…

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Tech giant PayPal is still accelerating

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PayPal was spun out of eBay in 2014 which has helped it get back into ‘acceleration…

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