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Coronavirus impact: 11 June - not a happy stock market animal

11/06/2020 · 1Spatial (SPA)  · Churchill China (CHH)  · Diaceutics PLC (DXRX)  · Mind Gym PLC (MIND)  · OnTheMarket PLC (OTMP) 

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Results today from an online property portal and provider of business improvement solutions leave us scratching our heads

Churchill China: tough to forecast

Business for Churchill China (LON: CHH), the ceramics manufacturer serving hospitality markets worldwide, was booming prior to the pandemic but it all looks very different now.

The latest update confirmed the significant impact of the lockdown on its sales to hospitality markets, however, they are now starting to see the first signs of improvement with growing levels of orders as major European markets have now largely re-opened albeit with some level of…

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Coronavirus impact: 11 June - not a happy stock market animal

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