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Hostelworld takes a pummelling, is there any way back?

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Trying to return a travel business to growth amid rising pressure from climate change activists and with the looming threat of the coronavirus seems a little overwhelming. But this is the task faced by Hostelworld. But with a strong core base delivering plenty of cash, it could present a terrific recovery play. If management succeeds, the upside could be substantial.

Hostelworld (LON: HSW) was established in 1999 and listed on both the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange and the Irish Stock Exchange in October 2015 at a share price of 185p and market capitalisation of £177m. By April 2018 the share price had climbed to a high of 420p, although it’s a puzzle to understand why given the modest sales growth since listing. Unfortunately, it’s been downhill ever since, with the shares…

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