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Nuclear energy sector is hotting up

10/12/2020 · Applegreen plc (APGN)  · Ceres Power Holdings (CWR)  · Nexteq (NXQ)  · RWS Holdings (RWS)  · Yellow Cake PLC (YCA) 

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Yellow Cake plc

With increasing investment in nuclear energy around the world, a nuclear specialist covered here could be well-placed to benefit. Alternatively, those with a preference for hydrogen might be interested in the latest update from a high-flying fuel cell company also covered here.

Ceres Power: collaboration for fuel cells

Ceres Power Holdings (LON: CWR), the fuel cell company, has signed a strategic collaboration with AVL List GmbH ("AVL"), a global powertrain engineering consultancy with a deep pedigree in fuel cell development, to accelerate customer adoption and product development of solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technology for numerous transportations, stationary or other applications.

AVL has 20 years of fuel cell engineering experience and is the world's largest independent company for the…

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