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Sports Direct to move to AIM?

17/09/2018 · Sports Direct International PLC (SPD) 

Sports Direct to move to AIM?
This could make a lot of sense, as we highlight here.....

Mike Ashley, founder and majority owner of Sport Direct International (SPD), has criticised the treatment of entrepreneurs by financial markets commenting that “It is blatantly apparent that true entrepreneurs will never be accepted in the public arena.”

We agree that major stock markets and large institutional investors aren’t generally supportive of maverick, self-made entrepreneurs doing things a little different to the norm, especially when the sector they are operating in becomes a little more challenging and the retail sector is certainly challenging.

We suggest that Mike should consider moving Sports Direct to AIM, where shareholders are generally more supportive of entrepreneurs.

ASOS (AIM:ASOS), AIM’s largest company with a market capitalisation of £5bn, has chosen to remain on AIM, despite justifying entry to the FTSE100 Index.

AIM recently had 17 companies with market capitalisation of £1bn or more, highlighting its appeal to larger businesses.

AIM has proved to be an excellent market for small…

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Sports Direct to move to AIM?

17/09/2018 · News & Insights
This could make a lot of sense, as we highlight here.....

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