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Venture Life Group (AIM:VLG) – should investors venture in?

14/02/2018 · Venture Life Group PLC (VLG) 

UltraDEX oral care products - Venture Life Group (AIM:VLG) investment
This consumer healthcare group recently issued a positive update for its leading oral care brand UltraDEX. However, a close look reveals a complicated business for investors to assess, as well as the usual excesses in management remuneration!

Venture Life (AIM:VLG) is an international consumer self-care company focused on developing, manufacturing and commercialising self-care products around the world. 

The Group’s product range and pipeline currently includes the UltraDEX oral care products range, food supplements for lowering cholesterol and maintaining brain function, dermo-cosmetics for addressing the signs of ageing, and medical devices for improving minor aches and pains, dry eyes and itchy skin. That’s quite a diverse portfolio of products for this small company…

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