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Xeros Technology Group plc (AIM: XSG) – Another exciting development from this fantastic group

23/04/2015 · Xeros Technology Group plc (XSG) 

Xeros Technology Group plc (AIM: XSG) has designed, developed, manufactured and patented a polymer bead cleaning system for use in commercial and domestic laundry. This innovative idea uses polymer beads in a specially designed laundry machine and thus has the potential to revolutionise the laundry industry. The use of polymer beads to clean clothes reduces water usage by over 70% compared to normal washing machines. The lower temperatures required to remove stains using the beads compared to water also allows for a significant reduction in energy. Furthermore, the machine is more efficient at removing stains than normal machines and leaves clothes looking newer for longer due to the lack of water used in the system.

Xeros Technology was founded in 2006 following the research and innovation that came out of the University of Leeds, School of Fashion. Since then the Group have manufactured and tested their products with fantastic results. They have also gained patents both in Europe and the US. Xeros listed on AIM in March 2014 and raised £27.6m at IPO to help fund the roll-out of its products in commercial laundry. Since listing its share price has…

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