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Winnebago Industries: an iconic brand at a bargain price?

04/04/2019 · Winnebago (WGO) 

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Large Winnebago RV driving in the US
  • Winnebago provides exposure to a large and affluent sector of the US consumer economy
  • Shares have been hammered by concerns of a cyclical downturn

In the first instalment of a new series on American icons, we examine whether this recognisable brand offers a good investment opportunity.

There's no denying the massive influence of big US brands. Stock market giants such as Apple (US: AAPL), Amazon (US: AMZN) and Microsoft (US: MSFT) have a presence in billions of people's lives. Newer names such as Facebook (US: FB), Uber and Netflix (US: NFLX) are achieving similar status.

What's easy to forget is that these big cap names aren't the only game in town for investors. Just as the FTSE 250 often provides attractive opportunities for UK investors, the mid-cap sectors of the US stock market is full of interesting companies and many iconic brands.

The US market is readily accessible to most UK investors and provides access to a broad and liquid pool of mid-cap stocks. In this new series, we'll be taking a closer look at some of these firms and highlighting those which we think could make rewarding investments.

An American icon with British appeal

Many US products translate perfectly to the UK market. Others don't. Winnebago (US: WGO)…

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Winnebago Industries: an iconic brand at a bargain price?

04/04/2019 · Investors Clinic