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Busting the myths of the independent financial adviser industry

Financial adviser offering a handshake

Examples of IFA myths that need to be busted:

  • I can’t invest without the help of an IFA
  • My financial adviser has made me money
  • Advisers are always independent 

This article has been updated. In should be noted that there are some very good advisers available which can provide valuable advice to individuals with big financial decisions. 

Every year, many Brits will meet their financial advisers who will bombard them with just enough jargon to scare them into continuing to pay their fee.

Many more who are not able to afford the lofty fees charged by some advisers will continue to believe they are unable to access the returns of the stock market.

Both groups are wrong.

Independent financial advisers, or ‘IFAs’, are not the gate keepers to financial success. The rewards of the stock market can be achieved without first consulting a ‘financial professional’. The problem is that many individuals do not know how to access those rewards and therefore believe that it is easier to assign financial decision making to someone else or, easier still, to leave money safely in the bank.

Again, they are wrong.

Investing can be very easy and…

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