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Flash News: Sajid’s shock and corona concerns

14/02/2020 · Alphabet (GOOGL)  · BP plc (BP)  · Facebook (FB)  · Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) 

Economics Politics UK US

Sajid Javid walking into Number 10 Downing Street

Sajid Javid threw Boris Johnson’s quiet cabinet reshuffle into disarray on Thursday. British political and economic commentators have talked of little else since. Meanwhile Wall Street continues to ignore the threat of the coronavirus. Will there be repercussions. Read on to find out how this week’s big news stories might impact your money.

Sajid’s shock exit

Boris Johnson’s cabinet reshuffle wasn’t meant to be especially ground-breaking. He appointed his top team when he became Prime Minister and made very few changes when he won the general election in late 2019. Important roles in business, trade and international relations were supposed to be confirmed, while the core political team was expected to stay the same. That was until chancellor Savid Javid quit.

The news and your money

This is a dramatic…

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Flash News: Sajid’s shock and corona concerns

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