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Reviewing the investment platforms

31/07/2019 · AJ Bell (AJB)  · Hargreaves Lansdown (HL) 

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Man using investment platform on a mobile phone

Today, there are many different options for investors who are happy to go it alone, without the help of a financial adviser. Many of these platforms offer services to help make investing easier, while others attempt to keep costs down to provide a simple, stress-free platform for competent investors. Whatever your requirements, our review will have you covered.

The rise of investment platforms means it is possible for anyone to set up an account and start to gain the benefits of the stock market. It can be cheap too. Or informative, if what you are looking for is a platform which offers a little advice as well as simple buying and selling options. Each online platform allows its user to manage all their investments from one single source – too easy.

But picking the right platform is not so easy. There are several DIY investment platforms and many niche platforms which provide specialist products. Investors can choose between basic service…

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