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​The struggles with long-termism

21/10/2020 · Amazon (AMZN)  · ASOS (ASC)  · Facebook (FB) 

AIM Trends

Long-Term sign

In today’s COVID-ridden world everyone is banging on about this thing called long-termism. The idea that investors should not get distracted by gig-economies (e.g. Zoom) and rather look towards the horizon of global markets. Whilst this is all sounds lovely and optimistic, just how easy is this style of thinking?

Thanks to modern technology, the answer is: not very! Now that most funds offer an equivalent mobile app, investors have access to their portfolios at the click of a button. This means it has become increasingly tempting to check one’s progress frequently, to the extent that the investment world is one step closer to being the subject of a Specsavers advert, in result of its emerging short-sightedness.

We can compare this trend to goings-on in the…

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