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Wealth management fees – what’s the fuss?

Wealth manager offering a handshake to a new client
A 1.5% management fee might seem like peanuts when the manager in question has convinced you he’ll make your retirement pot rocket in value, but don’t forget charges accumulate as the years tick by.

There are two great problems with the investment management industry a) Fees. I don’t want to be giving 1.58% (the average fee for an active fund manager in the UK) of my life savings away for the sake of an investment which may or may not make me money. b) Trust and transparency. I am more likely to trust a person who promises to nurture my investments than a faceless market tracker. But, a) that person costs too much and it’s going to annoy me when I see them driving around in a Ferrari. And so, a vicious circle begins, one…

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