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The week at a glance: 5 August – fallen short

09/08/2019 · plc (BOO)  · Burford Capital Ltd (BUR)  · Diageo PLC (DGE)  · Ryanair (RYA) 

Economics News UK

Carson Block founder of Muddy Waters

One story that has dominated the headlines for UK investors this week is the almighty collapse of Burford Capital. Here we round up what’s happened to the former AIM darling and the week’s other business headlines.

Market jitters have been growing around the world this week. The federal reserve might not have cut interest rates as much as Donald Trump wanted to, but a looser fiscal policy certainly shows that the world’s biggest central bank is nervous about future economic growth.

The first quarterly fall in GDP since 2012 has added to fears that the UK might also be heading for a recession (technically defined as two consecutive quarters of falling GDP). True,…

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The week at a glance: 5 August – fallen short

09/08/2019 · Company Insights

One story that has dominated the headlines for UK investors this week is the almighty collapse…

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