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Mega-trends: profit from the future

30/09/2019 · Adidas (ADS)  · Alphabet (GOOGL)  · Amazon (AMZN)  · Beyond Meat (BYND)  · Blue Prism Group PLC (PRSM)  · Domino's Pizza Inc (DPZ)  · Ocado (OCDO)  · PayPal (PYPL)  · Tesla (TSLA) 

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Investing in a company which is just about to change the world (or benefit from changes in the world) is an excellent thing to do. Think Amazon – its share price has risen 1070-fold from its IPO just before the dotcom boom. That’s why we’ve set up the mega-trends portfolio, which aims to benefit from big changes in the world in the coming decade. It’s a speculative portfolio and we’ve taken some risks, but remember, the more right you are about one stock, the more wrong you can be about all the others and still be a great investor.

It isn’t easy to predict the future. Just ask Robert Zemeckis, who missed the mark quite spectacularly when, in 1985, he envisaged flying cars and hoverboards by 2015. We’ll forgive him as the ‘Back to the Future’ trilogy is excellent.

Investors lament incorrect predictions. Those who thought Facebook (US: FB) didn’t have a future because Myspace had conquered the social media market first, deemed Amazon (US: AMZN) too expensive at $50 a share, or thought Theranos…

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